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Lanitis Farm is located 5 kilometres west of the town of Limassol on the road leading to Akrotiri Royal Air Force base. It is situated in an idyllic location behind the Akrotiri Salt Lake and consists of 400 hectares of Citrus orchards of different varieties.

As Lanitis Farm is on the most southern point of the island of Cyprus, it enjoys one of the mildest climate on the whole island. It’s proximity to the sea and the rare occurrence of frost makes it an ideal location for citrus growth. Temperatures, humidity and rainfall during the year range as shown on the following table:

The whole region where the farm is located is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots on the island, as so much green is concentrated in such a large coastal area. The orchards and the roads that separate them are lined with tall Cypress trees, used for wind protection (windbreaks). The rows of these trees create a tunnel effect on the road unique on the whole island.

Lanitis Farm is irrigated with water coming from dams located higher up on the mountains and the latest scientific methods of irrigation are used to conserve every precious drop of water. Each tree is individually watered using accurate sprinkle system or drop irrigation monitored by computer. The quality of water as well as soil is a monitored on a monthly basis.


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